Features you’ll just love!

…and won’t get enough of

Resource planning

Choose the right people for the upcoming tasks and get an immediate view of utilization and remaining availability

Plan and edit a job

Plan the time of your folks in a few clicks. Change the current allocations with drag & drop or resize.

Job Requests

See all upcoming jobs by each position to be prioritize accordingly - no clashing allocations anymore!

Mighty filter

Wanna see the plan by skills, positions or by each project? Just filter it out!


See your favourite filters become bookmarks and save time…for next time.

Time Tracking

There are so many things 95% of people would rather do than track their time…We’ve made it super easy and effortless to release them from their daily pain in the ass.

Built-in time tracker

Play & save system to track the time and save it straight to the timesheet.

Timesheets lock + notifications

Daily-weekly-monthly timesheet’s lock and email notifications will help your people to fill their timesheets on time.

Timesheet approvals

Team leaders get the option to check and approve their teammates timesheets and get more control over their projects budgets.

Timesheets summary & export

Allow each user to export and archive their monthly timesheet.

Financial reporting

Keep an eye on your projects and see in real-time whether they are in line with the planned budget or not as well as the efficiency of your people.

Company profitability

View your company’s monthly revenues, costs and profit on a easy-to-read chart to make sure you’re on target!

Margins on Projects & Clients

Get real-time margins on all your projects and also a cumulative margin on each client based on planned work vs. actual work.

Employee profitability

See how well each person in your team is doing and view who’s working too much or too little.

Rate cards

Cater with different prices and discounts and make your clients happy.

Frequently asked questions

Can we change a currency of the budgets and salaries?
Yes, you can choose any currency you like. See how to set it up.
We’ve updated some data on a project budget but it didn’t get recalculated - is there some data refresh button?
The server updates and refreshes data every 15 minutes!
Do you have a mobile app?
Traffika is responsive web app - you can open it in the browser of any device. Would you prefer us as an app? Just drop us a line.
How can we list through the months on the Planner?
The default view of the Planner is Outlook which shows the current week and the next 3 following weeks. You can change it to a monthly view and browse through the past and upcoming months.
I want to check someone’s timesheet - how can I do that?
You must visit the People section and if you have sufficient permission you’ll see the timesheets icon in the right part of users list