With Traffika you can spare your time,
sanity & money

Wasterd time Spared
Less on resource management costs
more projects delivered on time

Case Study #1

Company with 60 employees including 5 project managers and approximately 40 projects running simultaneously.
The implementation of Traffika called for hiring a traffic manager to focus solely on resource planning.
One person managing Traffika was able to cut costs in 30 days. Along the way she made project managers and the CEO smile again.
Jan Beránek
Jan Beránek
"Traffika saves us tens of hours every week on reporting, timesheeting and planning. We cannot live without it."

Case study in numbers

Top managment 24 hours = $1.300/month
Middle managment 16 hours = $1.000/month
Unutilised resources 40 hours = $2.500/month
Tools subscription $3.000/month on average
In total $7.800 monthly
Costs reduced by 338%
How much money will Traffika save you and your company?

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